Sunday, September 12, 2010


Thought of the day.

Why not make an MMO in which you can create 2 types of characters:

1. Normal "adventurer" characters, and
2. Hero characters.

The difference is, the hero characters get some pretty cool unique abilities, and they make a significant impact on the world. As in, you get written into the lore, and are recognized by NPCs more widely. You have a few more options, such as political sway, and get to engage in some of the more epic parts of the game. The catch - Heros get perma-death. If they die, that's the end. They might build a statue of said hero, but you don't get to play them anymore. You can create another hero, but the one that died is now integrated into the world.

Good idea, bad idea? Haven't really thought it through yet.


Nils said...

The idea is not new and I love it.

Developers, however, fear that players

- make an heroic char
- die
- ragequit


Nick Carraway said...

Fair enough.

And I suppose that's the main problem with it, because people die unfairly every once in a while, because of lag, or a glitch. And no one likes to loose what they spent hours working to get. Whether it be experience, money, items...

I suppose this idea is more feasible in the world I'm thinking of, because it would be implemented without the levels or hours of grinding. You really don't have much to lose in permadeath, because the things you gain aren't really levels or time. Your gain is actually progressing the world. So in essence your mark is still there, even if you die, and especially if you played as a hero class.

Still there are always balance issues to worry about. PvP with mixes normal/hero classes just doesn't fly.